I Only Have Eyes For Everyone Else But You

31 Jan

So what was today all about? Beats me. No seriously, it beats me. As in beats me round the head like a maniac with a crowbar.

So I wake up and within seconds I crash into the shelves in my front room with my dust collecting snooker trophies on them and the blue candle holder which was sitting on the top shelf falls and smashes into hundreds of pieces. Great! The perfect start to my day.

I then go out to buy some groceries and I find when I get outside the store and check the cash machine that there is a little more money in it than I’d expected. Quite a bit more to my pleasant surprise. So I decided to treat myself to a KFC as a reward for, er, well, as a reward anyway.

I get to the KFC restaurant and as is customary here in the UK, a lady who came into the shop after me, looked me in the eyes and then waited behind me then decided when I bent down to put my groceries on the floor that she would jump the queue. As there may be children reading this blog and as I am a gentleman I shall not repeat the words that I said to her, but I can tell you that my language was somewhat colourful.

So I eat my KFC and then I decide to go into the town centre to pay my rent. When I get there my hands are now so cold that I cannot get my payment card or my money out of my wallet as I can no longer feel my hands and that’s WITH my gloves on throughout the journey. I eventually defrost and am able to go about my business and pay my rent.

I then go into the library and try to use their computers, if only to keep warm for a little while and they are still just as ridiculously slow as ever and so I take a quick pit stop at my nan’s house on the way home and then I return to my place.

After a fairly dull and dreary evening I then discover that the lady I am supposedly dating is having dinner with another guy. Great! Well it was thoughtful of her to tell me anyway. Might have been nice if she actually managed to find a spare ten minutes for ME once in a while, but then that kind of thought process requires logic and is therefore a stupid thing to expect from a woman.

So now I sit here yet again on my own and for some reason that God forsaken Family Guy is on my TV yet again, without me putting it on. So I figure the best thing I can do to put this wretched day behind me is go to sleep and so I think that is what I shall do and I so I shall bid you all farewell.

Until tomorrow, good night and sweet dreams.

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